Building and commercial construction

Buildings and commercial buildings account for the majority of existing and new buildings.

In this context, tasks in the field of building maintenance are proving to be an increasingly dominant field of activity compared to the planning of new buildings. With its specialists, the Constructure Team covers a wide range of areas of structural and commercial construction:

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Buildings of the utility industry
  • Hall and production buildings
  • Parking facilities

Constructure is among other things specialized in the following areas:

  • Project management for planning, construction and demolition projects of buildings and commercial buildings
  • Planning and dimensioning of repair and reinforcement measures as well as structural fire protection measures for existing buildings
  • Testing and assessment of cracks in concrete structures
  • Quality assurance in the repair, reinforcement and demolition of buildings and commercial buildings

Power Engineering

Building and commercial construction

Industrial construction

Machine and plant construction

Medical Technology

Tower construction