Machine and plant construction

Constructure has been used for many years in plant and mechanical engineering, especially in process and energy engineering, electrical engineering, supply and production engineering.

The design of machines and plants is often carried out in an interdisciplinary manner by combining the engineering disciplines of technical mechanics, materials engineering, fluid technology, thermodynamics and electrical engineering. The Constructure team with its specialists from these disciplines covers the following areas:

  • High temperature and high pressure plant components
  • Pressure components and containers
  • Cryogenic Plants
  • Machine elements (bearings, shock absorbers, couplings, welded components)
  • Structural engineering in mechanical engineering (e.g., foundations)

Constructure is among other things specialized in the following areas:

  • Product approval of machines and machine components
  • Planning and dimensioning of machine components (e.g., strength, durability, vibration with tests and finite element method)
  • Testing and assessment of machines and components in the context of damage events
  • Project management for planning, research and development of machines and plants

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Machine and plant construction

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