Tower construction

Towers are sophisticated and versatile engineering structures that are of great importance for the operation of radio networks and the production and distribution of energy.

The Constructure team, consisting of specialists from the fields of structural engineering, technical mechanics, materials technology and electrical engineering, covers the structural engineering of the entire spectrum of tower-like structures:

  • Radio masts for mobile radio
  • Tensioned transmitter masts for broadcasting
  • Wind turbines
  • Overhead line masts
  • Chimneys and cooling towers

Constructure is among other things specialized in the following areas:

  • Project management for planning, construction and deconstruction projects of towers and masts
  • Design and dimensioning of reinforced and spun concrete towers and reinforced concrete chimneys
  • Inspection and assessment of masts and chimneys as part of recurring inspections and damage events
  • Quality assurance in the construction, repair and demolition of towers

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Tower construction